• Identification of cardiometabolic vulnerabilities caused by effects or synergistic stressors that are commonly encountered during space missions
Healthy Females Needed

Join a NASA research study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital!

• Payment up to $4,725
• Must be 30-55 years old
• Healthy, NON-Smoker
• Exercise Regularly
• Flexible Schedule

Study details include:

• 4 Screening visits
• 2 in-hospital stays of 11 days each

For details contact:
Alex at 1-877-499-NASA (6272)
Institution  –  BWH - Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Principal Investigator  – Steven Shea, PhD
Enrollment Information
For further information about enrolling a patient in this trial, contact the person below.
Name  – Alex Ollmann
Email  – aollmann@partners.org
Phone  – 617-278-0063