• Clinical Desensitization and Tolerance Following Peanut Oral Immunotherapy and Subsequent Allergen Avoidance
Peanut Oral Immunotherapy for Adolescents & Adults

The Food Allergy Center of MGH is conducting a research study examining the effectiveness of peanut immunotherapy for subjects with severe, persistent peanut allergy.

Subjects needed:
Individuals between the ages 16-65 years who have been diagnosed with a peanut allergy by a positive skin prick test or positive blood test for peanut and a history of objective clinical symptoms.

The study requires visits to Massachusetts General Hospital. During these visits you/your child would undergo physical exams, blood tests, immunotherapy dosing determination,
immunotherapy dosage administration, and food challenges. The research study could last up to 2 years. Compensation is provided.

For more information, please call 617-643-2262 or email letracy@partners.org.
Institution  –  MGH - Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Principal Investigator  – Wayne G Shreffler, MD, PhD
Enrollment Information
For further information about enrolling a patient in this trial, contact the person below.
Name  – Lauren E Tracy, CRC
Email  – letracy@partners.org
Phone  – 617-643-2262