• Sleep, Aging and Circadian Rhythm Disorders
The Division of Sleep Medicine at Brigham & Women’s Hospital is seeking healthy volunteers ages 55-70 to participate in a sleep research study funded by the National Institute on Aging. You must be a non-smoker and not on any medications. You will complete 3-4 screening visits and, if eligible, live 37 consecutive days and nights at the state-of-the-art sleep lab within the hospital.

The purpose of the study is to see how disrupted sleep patterns and not sleeping enough affect metabolism and brain function.

Receive up to


For more information, call Gina Daniels at 617-525-8719 or send an email to us at: Sleepstudy@partners.org
Institution  –  BWH - Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Principal Investigator  – Charles Czeisler
Enrollment Information
For further information about enrolling a patient in this trial, contact the person below.
Name  – Gina Daniels
Phone  – 617-525-8719