• Reconceptualizing Suicide as Impaired Temporal Discounting: An fMRI Study in Bipolar Disorder
Have you been diagnosed with Bipolar I/II Disorder?

Have you been feeling weary of life?

Are you right handed?

The Massachusetts General Hospital Bipolar Clinic and Research Program is currently enrolling for a research study examining brain functioning during a decision making task.

Eligible participants will have two study visits. The first visit will involve an interview and self-report questionnaires. The fMRI brain scan and additional interview will take place during the second visit. Participants will be reimbursed up to $100 for their time. Participants must be between the ages of 18-65.

Please contact 617-643-2076 and ask about the temporal discounting study for more information!
Institution  –  MGH - Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Principal Investigator  – Andrew A Nierenberg, MD
Enrollment Information
For further information about enrolling a patient in this trial, contact the person below.
Name  – Rebecca Montana
Email  – rmontana@partners.org
Phone  – 617-724-9033