• Focal Dystonia: Genotype-Phenotype Correlation
Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital are looking for people to take part in a research study about a movement disorder called dystonia.

You may qualify to take part in the research study if:
• You are are 14 - 29 years old
• You are generally healthy
• You do NOT have a neurological or psychiatric condition

People who take part in this research study will come to Mass General for one or two study visits. During the study visit, we would ask you to:
• Give your medical and family history information
• Have a physical exam
• Give a blood sample
• Fill out questionnaires
• Have a brain imaging assessment using learned tasks

A study visit takes about 3 - 6 hours. During the brain imaging assessment, we take pictures or images of your brain using a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. You would have to lie still for about 2 hours during this part of the research study.

We give stickers for parking during study visits. Participants receive $100 after completing the first study visit.

If you want to take part in or learn more about this research study, please contact Trisha at (617) 726-5470, or Sandra at (617) 643-6245 or DystoniaResearch@partners.org.
Institution  –  MGH - Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Principal Investigator  – Nutan Sharma, MD, PhD
Enrollment Information
For further information about enrolling a patient in this trial, contact the person below.
Name  – Jacob Levenstein
Phone  – 617-643-6245